About Us

A little History on BREKX

A company that began on a dream….

We first opened our doors in 2007 as a family-owned business. Built on the tradition of function, quality, and durability, BREKX created our exclusive beverage buckets and cooler line. Since 2007, BREKX has been manufacturing designer-inspired beverage buckets and coolers at an affordable price. We focus on unique designs, quality materials & exceptional customer relations. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, BREKX is a global brand with worldwide production and distribution.

We help celebrate life’s most meaningful moments, whether it’s a wedding, party, family barbeque or Sunday night dinner. We create more than just beverage buckets and coolers. We share in your most meaningful events & special moments by adding just the right touch to any gathering.

Our promise to you is to provide long-term value in every product that you purchase, and our mission is to build recognition for our Brekx brand by excelling at everything we do. We have created an energetic work environment that calls forth the best in every employee. We are everyday people with strong family values, exceptional work ethic, and the drive to make every moment special.

WOW your guests with the best presentation, while keeping your refreshments ice cold!