It's the first week of December, and while you have covered some of your gift giving for this year, there are certain family and friends that deserve a gift that shows you put some real thought into it.

Tap into your creative gift giving side.  These gifts are all about the special moments being shared, not just the big moments, but the small ones too.  Every minute with loved ones is special and deserves to be celebrated.

For an intimate get together, enjoy a bottle of wine or champagne in a small wine bucket like the Berkshire Wine Bucket shown below.  The 5-quart size can hold up to two bottles of wine or one bottle of champagne, plus ice to keep it chilled.

Wine bucket copper metal hammered for holiday gift giving
(Quick Tip:  If you combine a purchase of one of these wine buckets with a large party tub, you receive the wine bucket 50% off.  Conquering two gifts at once!)

A small gathering of 8 to 10 people would require a large party bucket to hold additional bottles of wine, beer, or water.  The Anchored Big Bolt Insulated Party Bucket shown below is absolutely perfect for these social gatherings.  This party bucket is named after it's elegant "big bolt" hammered pattern around the exterior.

Party bucket insulated metal to chill wine, beer, and drinks for parties

The Anchored Party Buckets guarantee no leaking, and the insulation provides maximum chill time.  These party buckets are also available with a lid so they can be used as an ice bucket for clean ice.  You may want two; one told chill the drinks and the other told hold clean ice for making cocktails.

Ice bucket with lid stainless steel hammered to hold ice for drinks at parties.
(Quick Tip:  You can purchase any Anchored Party Tub style you prefer and purchase the lid separately at 50% off when combined.)

Having a larger event such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or holiday bash?  It’s time to go all in with a party tub (or two) for everyone to share.  The below Aspen Party Tubs hold up to 35 twelve oz bottles with ice, which means multiple bottles of wine or champagne as well.  In addition to the large size, these party tubs are available with accessories that help make your party giving a breeze.  

Party tubs large and metal for chilling drinks at parties and events

Worried about spills or splashes from drinks or ice?  Check out the Kingston Tray or Party Mat that can be coupled with the party tub to prevent unavoidable party messes.  Both items not only function to protect your surfaces from party tub spills & splashes but can also be function separately as a serving tray while the party mat can be used as a bar mat or dish dry mat.

Large party tub with tray to protect tabletop or use to serve food and drinks at a party

Bar mat for party to protect your bar top or tabletop from spills and splashes
(Quick Tip:  You can receive 50% off a Kingston Tray or Party Mat if you combine with the purchase of party tub. Completing the set!)

Not enough room on your table to hold this large party tub?  Couple your party tub with a convenient stand.  A beverage tub stand frees up that much needed table space while keeping drinks within an easy reach.

Party tub with stand for use at a party in your kitchen, dining room, or on your patio.

Not only for the holidays, but all year long people spend time together.  Think not just of all the birthdays, weddings, anniversary, and holiday parties, but also the simple gatherings of a Girls’ Brunch or “the kids are at a sleepover so let’s have a date night in!”  All these moments, big and small are all special and an added touch to any of them is an elegant wine bucket, party bucket, or larger sharing sized party tub.

This holiday season, give a gift that keeps on giving and shows how much you appreciate the time you spend with your family and friends.



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