Spring is just around the corner which means lots of patio parties are in the very near future.  Are you feeling overwhelmed with the preparation after a long winter has left your patio a mess?  There's no need to stress.  Take it one step at a time.  Below are 5 of our best recommendations to ensure your patio is party-perfect!

Step 1:  Prepare the Grounds
After a long winter of snow, ice, or rain (whatever you may have where you live), there is always blown about dirt and debris.  Removing all of this will be the first thing you address.  Your goal is to get rid of all the dirt, leaves, sticks, etc.  I recommend starting on your patio with a broom, or a leaf blower if you have one.  Sweep all the winter debris off your patio.  I prefer to focus it out towards the grass.  From there I rake and dispose of everything leaving a nice clean patio and yard.
Items you will need: broom or leaf blower, and possibly leaf scoops.

Step 2:  Prepare Your Furniture 
This is given if you already have patio furniture.  If you don’t, depending on the size of the space you have, you may want a table with chairs and umbrella for patio dining.  Or you may have the space for a cozy lounge area with a fire pit in the middle.  Sometimes these can double as a table as well.  For those of us that store our furniture during the winter months, you’ll want to pull them from storage and dust off all those cobwebs.  If your furniture is waterproof, you may want to rinse it with the garden hose.  A strong bristle brush can be handy as well for any collected dirt stains.

Step 3:  Pots & Planters
Depending on where you live, it may be a little soon to be doing any planting.  In the meantime, make sure all your planters are in good shape for this year and ready for planting when the weather allows.  Clean any old dirt or plants out of your planters. If your pots are made of stone or clay, check to make sure the weather hasn’t caused any cracks or damages.  If you notice any scuffs, scratches, or chips, you may want to give your pots a whole new look with a nice coat of paint.

photo credit:  jenwoodhouse.com

Step 4:  Set Up the Grill
In my opinion, no patio is complete without a grill.  Time to uncover it and dust off those cobwebs.  Don’t forget to check underneath the lid as well.  If your grill cooks with a propane tank, you’ll want to double check the gas level and see if you need to trade it in for a new one.  You can do a propane tank exchange at most major grocery store locations.  It’s much cheaper than buying a completely new tank.  Once you have an adequate tank, hook it up and ready to get grilling.

photo credit:  perryhomes.com

Step 5:  Décor
It’s those finishing touches that really make your patio inviting.  Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but beverage tubs and/or wine buckets are also very convenient by holding party beverages outdoors and in turn keeping your guests from tracking inside your house.  Many people love adding light to their patio.  This can be done with string patio lights or lanterns, or even some simple oil lanterns.  A bonus to using the oil lanterns is that they can double as mosquito repellant just by filling them with citronella fluid instead of the standard clear lantern fluid.  If you have cooler nights, you may want to add a fire pit or heater to keep your patio cozy and warm. 

One thing is for sure, Spring is coming, and we are ready for it!  Cheers! 🥂


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