BREKX Party Cooler™ - 54QT Cooler with Bluetooth Speakers in Black

  • The BREKX Party Cooler™ in black includes 2 high-powered (6 Watts) speakers that are able to connect to any device via Bluetooth capabilities or with an auxiliary chord (included).  Your Bluetooth device can connect to the cooler's speakers up to 35 ft away, giving you clean and crisp music!  It's stainless steel reinforced body allows it to be one of the most reliable coolers on the market!  Cold drinks and good music is now essentially wherever you take this product!

  • Size: 22" x 16" x 17"
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • The speakers are water resistant (where a few splashes of water won't affect it), but they are not fully water proof (do not submerge).
  • Comes with a back slot where the music-playing device is able to sit safely.  The speakers are powered by an amplifier located on the back (4 AA batteries needed and not included).  
  • Material: Rust-proof and leak-proof with an additional inner plastic liner. Includes side faucet system for draining.